Foxhound 4 Database Performance Monitor for SQL Anywhere

Foxhound 4 is a third-party database performance monitor for SAP® SQL Anywhere®.

"Foxhound 4 was easy to setup, doing a fresh install took less than 30 minutes to be up and running.
Even upgrading from our old Foxhound 3 was quick and easy. Gone are the pink/yellow highlights that
distracted observers from the points being made. Performance tips and alerts are extremely helpful as
expected with Foxhound.
   We are currently monitoring over 50 databases with Foxhound 4 and it runs smoothly allowing us
to alert our customers of any abnormalities or trouble users that may be affecting their performance.
The history kept also allows us to easily go back and investigate slowness tickets to find out what
activity was occurring during the window of a ticket."
   - Thomas York, Sybase DBA, Tenmast Software

Foxhound 4 Build 4740 is now available.

  • You can use it to upgrade an existing copy of Foxhound 4 for free.

  • You can also use it to install a new copy of Foxhound 4, or

  • to upgrade an existing copy of Foxhound 1, 2 or 3.

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"Foxhound quickly became an integral part our Sybase 17 troubleshooting. It was fast and easy to
set up and is even easier to configure. There are a huge number of options on what it will monitor
for you and all can be set up within a minute or two of getting into the product.
   We are currently monitoring over 70 Servers and almost 400 databases with it. The history feature
allows us to go back and see what was going on in a system at any given time of the day when there
are issues. It also does things like auto drop a user that is causing a problem and then email you
what was going on when it happened so I can reach out to user and solve issues they are having
before anyone really knows there is an issue.
   Another huge plus to Foxhound is being able to reach out to Breck and ask for new features and then
get them in the next version making our pain points less of an issue and helping us get even more
out of the product. Just about every day we find a way in which Foxhound makes life easier for us
and our customers.
   - Matthew Kelly, DB Engineer II, Ticketmaster


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